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Vivian Kahn

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Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 10:37:56 -0700
To: Hungarian SIG,
From: Vivian Kahn <>
Subject: Slovak Research Info on the Web

Here's info regarding some web resources for those doing research in
presentday Slovakia or looking for formerly Hungarian places in Slovakia,
Ukraine, and Romania.

Root Seekers guide to the Homeland is a list of Carpatho-Rusyn
villages based on the 1910 Hungarian census. The list includes names of
villages, pre-WWI counties (megye) or Galician districts (bezirk), and
present day administrative subdivisions and countries.As far as I can
tell, the list, which was prepared by Paul Magocsi and the Multicultural
history Society of Ontario, only goes through K at present.

Also available on-line is a list of FHL numbers for Slovak Jewish
communities. You can find this info, which may omit some recent
acquisitions, at (I
think that's
an "l" after jew, not a "1" but I may have written this down incorrectly.
Try inserting "1" if this URL doesn't work.

Another source of info is Jordan Auslander's list of archives holding
Slovak Jewish community records. You can purchase the microfiche from
Avotaynu for about $10.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA


BAAL/BERKOVICS/BERKOWITZ/ROTH/Orasu Nou, Satu Mare, Rom. (Ujvaros,
Hung.);/Ujvaros, Szinervaralja, Hung. (Siene, Rom.), NYC, Detroit, Israel
FERBER/Sajoszentpeter, Hun, Deans, NJ, Netanyu, Israel
KAHN/KAHAN/COHEN/Sighetu Marmatei, Rom.(Sziget, Maramaros, Hun), London,
NYC, Los Angeles
KOHN/Vranov n. Toplou, Slovakia (Varanno, Zemplen, Hun)
LIMOS/Hungary, Bratislava?
MOSKOVITS/MOSKOWITZ/Ostrov (Ozstro), Sobrance (Szobrancz, Hun.),
Michalovce, Slov. (Nagymihaly, Hun.), Munkacs,Ungvar, NYC
MOSS/Washington Heights, Queeens, NYC
NEUMANN/Sobrance, Michalovce (Nagymihaly, Hun.), Kosice (Kassa), Sabinov
(Kis-Szeben), Vranov n. Toplou (Varanno), Kriszti (Kereszt),
Slov.,Washington Hts, Queens, NYC

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