Re: Prezlau=Przeclaw? #hungary

Alan Reische

Thanks to all who replied.

Let me clarify - the family emigrated in 1879-1880, when the town of residence was specifically identified as being Austro-Hungarian, not German or Prussian and it seems unlikely to me that the Hamburg agent, who presumably was familiar with the region,  would have mistakenly concluded they were coming from a German and not an Austrian-Galician town. QED, I didn't pursue Breslau or Prenzlau. 

Furthermore, I have identified a family in Debica also with the surname 'Lische'. Debica is quite close (11 miles) to Przeclaw, and the name 'Lische' (or the variant 'Lishe') rarely appear elsewhere, strengthening the inference that 'Prezlau' might in fact mean Przeclaw. 

Hence the question - was it likely that Przeclaw somehow came out as Prezlau when the passengers were booked?

Alan Reische
Manchester NH

Researching Reische, Lische, Lishe, Przeclaw,   

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