Re: HKP Jewish Labor Camp 1943-1944 #holocaust


Thanks to all who responded. I will have to take off an afternoon and look at those sources. I’m beginning to have doubts whether the entry for the individual listed as a seamstress in Apt. 119 was really Grandfather Yochelson’s sister. She would have been in her mid to late sixties by then and probably not able to survive or be chosen for a labor camp. Her first  names were Rokha Gitlia and she married Yosel Zalkind in 1900. The entry said she was on sick leave. People had similar names and I remember reading that she went to the Zalkind household, there already was a Rokha living there, When I did research I did notice that a source said that there was a Zalkind House of Trade, the biggest store in Vilnius, with 20 departments and a staff of 150 people. Hope she married into that branch.
Mindy Yochelson

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