Re: Prezlau=Przeclaw? #hungary

Alexander Sharon


There are actually six locations in Poland known as Przeclaw (“broken” Polish „l”), with four locations originally from Germany, renamed to Przeclaw in 1945. Those are ex:
Prinzenau (Szamotuly region)
Zolingen (Brzeziny, Łódź)
Ottendorf (Zagan)
Pritzlow (Police)
Przeclaw (Slupca)

None of the above locations had Jewish presence.

Przeclaw (Mielec district), the subject of this discussion

Circa year 1870: 718 Roman Catholics, 9 Greek Catholics and 299 Jewish residents.

Year 1900: 717 general population plus 212 Jewish folks

There are six entries for Przeclaw in JGFF database including yours and Dershowitz. Alan Dershowitz while visiting Poland some years ago, pointed out to Przemysl region as the source of his family.
BTW, Your family name is a Jewish name for Rzeszow.


Alexander Sharon


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