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Alan Reische

Thanks Alex and Odeda.

Rzeszow was the place I started many years ago. I was in touch with a genealogist there who could find no evidence of a family with my exact spelling, which is AFAIK unique amongst the Jewish community. (There are of course a multitude of variant spellings - Reich, Reisch etc. and the precise spelling is found amongst non-Jews.)

Oddly, my ggf's name on his death certificate is shown as 'Lishe'. The information for that likely came from a gg/uncle, with whom he lived when he died. While that might have been an overlooked clerical error at a difficult time, it's odd that it wasn't corrected if wrong. Using inference, which is all we have, and the recurrence of the name 'Lishe' or 'Lische' in other records, led me to search Hamburg under that identity. In turn, I found the 1880 passenger lists which were correct for dob's and - significantly - for his occupation as schneider/tailor, which is what he did once he arrived here.

My ggm's headstone identifies Przeclaw as the locus for her family, thanks to helpful translations I received here some years ago. That more or less corresponded to the place of residence on the manifest ('Prezlau, Osterreich'), once the German towns were screened out. The residence name on the manifest - which I've seen - is written in difficult handwriting but clearly enough seems to be Prezlau, Osterreich.

The Lische name with that spelling also occurs in the Debica/Dembitz records and is prominent (sadly) in Holocaust Museum records. I have found Lische family photos there, and while there are no immediate family resemblances. we're viewing them from 150+/- years later. Because the two communities are so close - 6 miles more or less - it strikes me as likely that the two groups were connected.

To Odeda's questions, I have seen the original manifest and while it's not easy, this particular data seemed clear enough. I really don't know how to answer the other questions at this date, as I have no family recollections to look to. I agree, Prezclaw was a tiny place, but it is specifically tagged as Austro-Hungarian, which filters out a lot of alternatives.

This rabbit hole is all I have at the moment, but the inferences seem strong enough to warrant pursuing them.

Alan Reische
Manchester NH

Researching Reische, Lische, Lishe, Przeclaw, Debica, Rzeszow.

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