Assistance Identifying a Rabbi and Gabbai from Prague Synagogue 1840s Text #austria-czech

Dave Baron

This enclosed 3 row text [blessing] in Hebrew with [commentary] provides some information about these people (Rabbi and Gabbai), perhaps connecting them to a Shul in Prague and I’m trying to connect the dots.  

Any assistance is greatly appreciated, -David 




שורה 1נעשה ממעות צדקה דבהכ"נ [=של בית הכנסת משקוט טוילסקי ע"י הגבאים


[שורה 2: ריודא [=יהודהליב [=שמו ביידיש

פורגיס עם רגבריאל בן ה"ה הרבני


שורה 3: מו"ה אנשיל פישלס ש' [=שנתתר"כ [=בשנת 1859] לפ"ק




יהודה ליב פורגיס / Yehuda Loew Porges / Aka: Loew pronounced Lev, Löw, Loeb, Lieb, Liv


אנשיל פישלס / Rabbi X Fishles perhaps from Boleslav?


רגבריאל בן ה"ה / Rabbi Gabriel Yehuda son of x?

David Baron
Baltimore, Maryland

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