New book (in Russian) by Nadia Lipes on Pogroms 1917-1921 #announcements

L Fagan

Announcement of a new book by Nadia Sarah Lipes:


Pogroms: an inconvenient truth. 1917–1921: documentary novel / Nadia Lipes. - Odessa: Astroprint, 2021. - 348 p. - (Genealogy for Dummies Series) - ISBN 978-966-927-806-7 


Available for download at:

The book is written in Russian.


Description by the author:


This book, which the author took 7 years to write, is either a direct citation of documents stored in the Kiev regional archive, or a paraphrase close to citation. Between quotes, the author tries to explain the causes of anti-Semitism in general and in a specific region in particular. While this is by no means the first book written on the topic of the Russian Civil War pogroms, it is the first book written in a narrative form rather than a non-fiction style, so as not to overwhelm the reader, who will already have a hard time reading the historical descriptions. It is also the first book that examines in detail the features of Ukrainian-Jewish relations from the point of view of participants in the events on both sides. A number of documents and photographs are published for the first time.

The book is intended for people who would like to know the truth about the period between 1917 and 1921, as it happened.

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