Re: Confusion over changing surnames from Dusseldorf to Leuwarden #germany #names


I can explain the change from Leuwarden to Segal.
The name Segal סג"ל is the Hebrew abbreviation for סגן לכהן SEGAn Lecohen = The one to see to the need of the Cohen, the priest, as that was (and to some degree still is) the job of the Levites to assist the Cohanim, the priests.
As such 99.9% of Segals are indeed Levites.
The sound of the name Leuwarden also indicates the being of a Levite.
In fact, on The Rotterdam Jewish cemetery, there are interred a David (1718-1808) & Moses (died 1769) Levy, sons of Rabbi Leib Leeuwarden Segal" and in the Jewish cemetery of the town Leeuwarden (!!!) there is interred a Isaac (1697-1750) son of Juda Levie Leeuwarden Segal.

As to Dusseldorf, did they perhaps move (or lived) there?
Nachum Aronson

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