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Do not forget that The town of Leeuwarden is in Netherlands Friesland, whilst Emden is in Hannover (now German) Oest Friesland with the same town plan.   the local language is very similar to English with such differences as pronouncing the £k" in know and both areas fly the Friesland flag rather than German or Netherlands.  My family research (in person) has crossed that boundary.  Do not forget that our early King Georges also ruled Hannover and to them our slave colonies in the Americas were more important than New England.

David Harrison, Birmingham, Uk
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Hi All, I am newish at the Jewish research and I am having trouble following surname changes and why they keep changing. I have read all sorts of information and the obvious changes I understand, moving towns, changing jobs etc. I started with my 4th great grandfather Louis/Loeb Dusseldorf in Altona and following headstone information back  his father and Grandfather were Dusseldorf, Louis' great grandfather was a SeGaL from Hannover, his 2x great grandfather was a SeGaL (I think also from Hannover) yet his 3x great grandfather was a Leuwarden (I think). Why did we change from Leuwarden to SeGaL to Dusseldorf (or a variation of)? Thanks in Advance
Tanya Williams 
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