Re: Confusion over changing surnames from Dusseldorf to Leuwarden #germany #names

Robert Weinberg

Some of these responses do not make sense. The name Leeuwarden has no connection with "Levi" or "HaLevi" but instead represents a town in the Netherlands in which ostensibly people from this family lived for a while and which name they adopted on and off for their fixed family name. Ditto with "Dusseldorf". SeGal, as is correctly noted is only a designation of a caste name, i.e., the 3% of Jews who are Levites and use "HaLevi" as the last part of their Hebrew names. Hence, both names might even be used  together,  e.g., Leuwaarden Segal .  And no, the language of northern Netherlands and northwest German coast, i.e., Frisian, is the certainly closest language to old Anglo-Saxon English but is not "very similar to English", having diverged from English by 1500 years of separate development.

Bob Weinberg

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