Re: Identifying town name from WW1 and WW2 Draft Cards. Maybe in Bessarabia? #bessarabia #russia

R Jaffer

Based on the ship manifest, I believe the town is Urzedow, Poland. Here is my thinking. The town on the 1909 manifest began with what sounded like Orr followed by a space and some other letters. It was part of Russia at that time. I searched the JewishGen town finder for "orr". Then I looked at only those locations that were part of Russia c.1900.

The closest match was:
Russian Empire

When I compare the town spelling of Arzanowitz on the WWI draft record, it closely matches "Urzendow" below but is missing the letter "d".  I think this is the closest match to the various spelling of the town on your records.

Roberta Jaffer

Alternate names: Urzędów [Pol], Orzendov [Yid], Uzhenduv [Rus], Urzendov, Urzendow, Uzhendov

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