Re: Death certificate/Montreal/1949-1951 #canada

Alan Greenberg

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal has access to a lot of
non-public (or not free) records that can often help. Those
interested should send a request to vital@....

Frances, I will privately send you a message regarding your situation.

Alan Greenberg

At 2022-01-23 07:09 PM, Bernie and Fran via wrote:

I am looking for help to find a death certificate for a baby
brother of mine, who died at birth in the Jewish General Hospital,
Montreal between 1949-1951. I have already contacted Jewish General
Hospital , Paperman and Baron de Hirsch Cemetery. They all say they
have no records from that time. My parents would never discuss
this. If anyone has any ideas as to how get this information, I
would greatly appreciate this. Thanks.

Frances Fried

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