Re: h-sig digest: October 20, 1998 #hungary


In respone to <<So, for all of us other Roth researchers - what was the

Debbi >>

Dear Debbi. This was the maternal side. Dora Friedman came >from Kurima, now
in Slovakia. She married Morris Lefkowitz. Their daughter, Matilda Lefkowtiz,
married my grandfather , Louis Roth.
This brings up a point. I am having trouble reading Morris' town's name. It
looks like Sebsfenge or Sebspenge. I asked a Slovak geneologist at the recent
geneological meeting at New York University if he recognized the town. He
thought it was Sebestova written in a phonetic form >from a Hungarian dialect.
It also could quite possibly be Sobos, on the Jewish
gen shtetlfinder. Either way, it is probably in Saros County. If anyone has
any ideas as what Sebsfenge or Sebspenge might be, please let me know. Wayne
Roth, Brooklyn New York

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