Re: Identifying town name from WW1 and WW2 Draft Cards. Maybe in Bessarabia? #bessarabia #russia


Using the information found by Odeda Zlotnick, Marshall Lerner and Larry Bassist, I looked at the various spellings. From my own personal experience, I decided that the ship manifest was probably the most reliable. The town name appears three times on Elie Akerman's arrival record. Examining all 3 spellings, I come up with Orzawenets, with Arzawenets or Orzavenets being reasonable alternatives. Although I cannot find any information on such a town, I've learned from experience that not being able to find this town name on JewishGen or using Google does not mean it didn't exist. It may have been quite small, or the spelling might be off just enough to keep it from showing up in a phonetic search. I've seen it happen before, and I know I will see it happen again. I believe you are right that the "Bess." notation on the WWI draft registration refers to Bessarabia, as I have seen that notation appear before.

The closest town name I found was Zhvanets, which is roughly 5 miles from Khotyn, Ukraine. Although Zhvanets was reportedly in Podolia gubernia, nearby Khotin/Khotin was in Bessarabia gubernia. It may or may not be the town you are looking for, and I'm not saying that it is, but I believe the town you are looking for might potentially be in this region.


Cary Pollack

Tamarac, Florida

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