Max Bruch. Who wrote the music for Kol Nidre was NOT Jewish #general

Larry Gaum

I have been shocked by many events over the many years of my life but nothing equals the one I felt when I discovery that Max Bruch, who wrote the music for the Kol Nidre, the most sacred of Jewish prayers, was not Jewish.
He was in fact Protestant, and born in Germany.
On many occasions, the story goes, he vehemently denied he was Jewish and in some reports was said to have uttered statements that were considered to be anti semitic.
After I regained my composure, I looked further into his name. Nothing sounder more Jewish than BRUCH, as In Baruch or Brochas.
My question to my fellow readers is:
Do you think that Bruch or his ancestors were Jewish at one time. This wouldn’t surprise me as we have see this happen before.
When I attend the next Arev Yom Kippur , I might feel a bit different. Maybe not. But I won’t be in the same frame of mind.
Best to all
Larry Gaum

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