Re: Tulchyn, Vinnytsia, Ukraine #ukraine

Jenniffer Hancock

On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 01:10 PM, Tammy Driver wrote:

The Tuchyn revision records are pretty good. They have almost 3,500 records in them. I was able to find my family, and siblings etc through them. I would do a search on JewishGen just using the town name and Ukrain and look through the entirety of it. Sometimes spellings can change enough that you don't pick it up when you put in the name, but you find the hominin  looking at the raw data.

The other thing I would do is go to Family Search - which is the mormon site and look at the church records for Tuchyn that haven't been indexed. Sometimes the church records include Jewish families. But more importantly, if he's not Jewish but from there, his family might be in there. 

Best of luck. 
Jennifer Hancock
Manatee County FL USA
Researching family in Pren LIthuania and Beltsy Moldova at the moment.

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