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Gabriela P. Svatos <gsvatos@...>

Aside >from researching my Hungarian Slovak roots, I have been trying to
find documentation for the birth records of my Viennese maternal great
grandmother (Theresia STEINER). Despite having exact birth dates, names of
parents, etc. I have been unable to find a birth entry for her. According
to a letter >from Magistrat Der Stadt Wien today, her uncle and grandparents
were all born in Szered, Slowakei. Would this be today's Sered northeast
of Bratislava? Have these records been filmed?

Fortunately the Viennese archive provied me with the names of my great
great grandparents-Filipp RIEGER and Eva geb. SCHULHOF (both >from Szered).

STEINER-Wien and probably Szered
RIEGER-Wien and Szered
PREISS-Lestiny,Dolny Kubin, Zilina
SPITZ-Lestiny, Dolny Kubin, Zilina


Gabriela Svatos

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