Petrof Piano Provenance - Haas Family (Anna & Grete) Vienna #austria-czech

James T Kelly

Greetings... I am a professional piano technician working on a project to e=
stablish the provenance of two Petrof Grand Pianos both located in Austria =
before the Nazi annexation of Austria in 1938/1939. One piano for which I h=
ave the serial number is here in the US and may have been brought here as a=
 war souvenir. It would be extremely important to arrange for its return to=
 the heirs of the last owner. The second Petrof was listed on a property cl=
aim seeking to protect the piano from confiscation in 1946. The owner was G=
rete Haas who fled the Nazi annexation and went to New York City. Her mothe=
r Anna Haas stayed in her Vienna apartment throughout the war. Unfortunatel=
y the claim had no serial number on it so we do not know if the one here is=
 the Haas piano. The Haas apartment was at Neustiftgasse 55/14 Vienna VII. =
Grete Haas passed away in 1986 in Winter Park Florida. I have no way to kno=
w if the piano was ever moved to the US after 1946 or if it stayed in Austr=
ia with Anna Haas. Perhaps someone can provide information about how proper=
ty is distributed after the owner or custodians death in Austria. Is there =
a probate court and estate inventory ? On the export side how would a piano=
 be shipped to the USA and what manifests/bills of ladings would be needed =
? where could one search ?

James T. Kelly

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