Re: Tulchyn, Vinnytsia, Ukraine #ukraine


Klassovsky last name is not found among Eastern-European Jewish names at  There are 4 instances of people with this last name found in the Russian WWI database ( and none of these are Jewish.  Olshevsky name is more common and it was used by Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, as well, but there are 21 instances of this last name for WWI soldiers from the Podolia governorate and none of them are Jewish. Tulchin was part of the Bratslav uezd within the Podolia governorate.
Further, Leonard's petition for citizenship lists his race as Russian, every form that I've seen for Jewish people lists race as Hebrew.  He is buried at the Forest Lawn cemetery in LA, not next door at Mt. Sinai.  These 2 points in combination with everything else point away from a possibility of Leonard being Jewish.
Perhaps, his nephew is convinced based on some information which we are not privy to and you can share it with us.

A DNA test from one of the major companies should be able to easily clarify the situation.

Mike Vayser

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