List of butcher shops below the Brooklyn Bridge c. 1915. #usa

Richard A. Di Lorenzo



Can anyone help me get a listing of all “butcher shops below the Brooklyn Bridge” c. 1915?


This is to help me ultimately find out who my maternal grandfather was - as well as learning more about my maternal grandmother. I have DNA-based reasons to believe they were both 100% Jewish. 


Here’s the short version of the story: I believe my maternal grandmother’s father disowned her about the time she (probably unmarried) gave birth to my mother, 1915. I believe he - or possibly someone from my maternal grandfather’s family, had “a butcher shop below the Brooklyn Bridge.”  


I’m hopeful that a listing of butcher shops below the Brooklyn Bridge would reveal surnames that might help me. Currently, I have three candidate surnames: Ruderman, Fein, and Gross. A butcher shop name containing any of those names would provide a very promising resumption of my research. 


Thank you for your support.


Richard A. Di Lorenzo

Naples, FL and Beavercreek, OH




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