Was my father a Ritchie Boy? #general

Helen Gottesman

My father Helmut/Henry Dobrin was at camp Ritchie and he seems to have been trained in translation and interrogation for 10 weeks in 1943 according to the documents we have from the Army..
He never mentioned this. He had a plaque that said he served in the engineering corps, company b 1303.
How do these 2 things fit together?
Thank you
Helen Gottesman
Boca Raton, Fl

Helen Gottesman

Boca Raton, Florida

Searching Schwarz Roding Germany
Dobrin,Davidsohn,Segall. Lublinski in Bukofzer Tuchel/Tuchola  Poland/West Prussia
Greenhut/Grunhut Germany, Bohemia/Czechlovakia
Bukofzer, Zempelburg, West prussia/Poland

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