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Sheilah Graham

Hello Everyone,

I am hoping someone might be so kind as to translate the attached postcard from Romanian(?) to English.

I was adopted at birth and have only recently learned about my birth family.  I am told this was a post card written to my great-grandfather (b. 1893 Charny-Potok, Bukovina) by his older brother who was, at the time, in the Austrian Army.  

As far as I know, my great-grandfather went by the names STOICA in Bukovina, then was listed as Stojko on the ship’s manifest (Antwerp to Montreal in 1909) and finally anglicized to Stoik in Canada.

Thank-you very much in advance for your help.


Sheilah Graham
Searching: STOICA, Chornyi Potik (Pârâul Negru), Bukovina

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