Searching for Information- STOICA born in Bukovina 1893 #romania

Sheilah Graham

Hello Everyone,
I was adopted at birth and have only recently learned about my birth family.  I am very new to genealogy searches and am finding a lot of roadblocks in my search for information on my great-grandfather.

From the limited information I have, my great-grandfather, Nicolae Stoica, was born Dec 18, 1893 in what I’ve been told was Charny-Potok, Bukovina, Romania. (At the time part of the Austrian Empire.) I am wondering if this is the same place as today’s Chornyi Potik (or in Romanian: 
Pârâul Negru), located in the Chernivtsi region in the Ukraine.  Is this correct?
As far as I know, my great-grandfather went by the names Nicolae STOICA in Bukovina, then was listed as Nikolai Stojko on the ship’s manifest (Antwerp to Montreal in 1909) and finally anglicized to Nicholas Michael “Mack” Stoik in Canada.  I was told he always identified as Romanian.

In 1937, my great-grandfather wrote to the Romanian Consulate in Canada requesting assistance in procuring his birth certificate.  At that time, the response was there was no document available.

Any assistance in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
Thank-you very much in advance for your help.
Sheilah Graham
Searching: STOICA, Chornyi Potik (Pârâul Negru), Bukovina

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