Re: Max Bruch. Who wrote the music for Kol Nidre was NOT Jewish #general


I don't know about Bruch, but I know that Naftaii Hertz Imber, who wrote the words to our treasured  Hatikvah, although Jewish, was an unkempt drunk.   

After my grandmother was widowed in 1900, at first she supported herself and three little boys by serving Kosher  dinners  in the parlor of the Lower East Side tenement the rented to single men who arrived before their families.  She served Imber every night, gratis, of course.  My father remembered that when he was a very young boy, Imber, not in very good shape, would wander around  the room reciting Yiddish poems, his or others.  He thought  that would pay for his meal.    He died young from liver ailments.

Estelle Guttman #7805
Reston, VA

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