Re: Records from Ekaterinoslav, Dnipropetrovs'ka, Ukraine #ukraine


Hi everybody,

I am looking for the birth record of Khonon LEVINE (Хонон Левин) who was born in Ekaterinoslav on the 10th of February 1870 according to his naturalization file in France. I could not find it in the metric books that were scanned by Alex Krakovsky. I read that in 1870 they were around 8 synagogues in Ekaterinoslav. I would like to know if the scanned metric books are for one synagogue only or for all the synagogues of the town. If it is only for one synagogue, do you know if metric books exist for other synagogues in Ekaterinoslav ?

Paris area, France
Searching for LEVINE and LEBEN (or LEIBIN) in Ekaterinoslav, TSIREL (or SCHINDLER) and PLANKE (or KAPLAN) in Kremenchuk

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