Translation Please - Russian or Ukrainian? #translation #russia #ukraine

Sheilah Graham

Hello All,
I submitted a similar request a few days ago, hoping for assistance with translation of the attached postcard from Romanian (based on birth family info) to English.  However, a response from one JewishGen member kindly pointed out the postcard is not written in Romanian and may, in fact, be Russian or Ukrainian.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
As mentioned in my last email, I was told my birth great-grandfather Nicolae STOICA, was born in 1893 in Chornyi Potik (Pârâul Negru), Bukovina.  He emigrated to Canada on his own as a 16-year-old in 1909, where is name was first anglicized to STOJKO then later, STOIK.  The postcard is said to have been written to him by his brother, who was serving in the Austrian Army.
Thank-you so much in advance.
Sheilah Graham
Searching: STOICA, Chornyi Potik (Pârâul Negru), Bukovina

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