Re: Searching descendants of Louis Korn and Rachel Rae Braun #dna #galicia


Dear Shaul,

Louis Korn and his wife Rae Bram are my paternal uncle and aunt(by marriage). Myself and other close paternal relatives have tested on MyHeritage and when I checked matches for you there was no match with me of any cM. There was a a match with a Robert Greenwood with only a 55.1 cM match and longest segment of 12.1 cM . Do not know how Robert Greenwood has a strong match with Louis Korn; since he died before DNA matching started and he was never tested.  It appears that there is another Louis Korn that you are related to. Also note that a relative of Louis and Rae was tested. Cooper/Rettig tree on Ancestry is related to Louis and Rae; although I have never seen it.
Please note that Korn is not that an unusual surname. Have found people with that surname all over Poland, Ukraine and Germany that I am not related to. The 1940 Census is wrong, Louis Korn is not from Galicia but his wife is.
Lorraine Korn

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