Samuel Joseph Glass and Glass family of PHiladelphia #usa

George S. Thompson

I am George Samuel Thompson.  I am seeking information on my lineage from my maternal grandfather. It was only in 2019 that I discovered that Samuel Joseph Glass was my grandfather, my mother was born out of wedlock and always told me and my siblings that our maternal grandfather was her mother's and our grandmother's estranged husband, not Samuel Joseph Glass. My son had a genetic test and there are a significant amount of Ashkenazi genes that could have only come from my real grandfather, Samuel Joseph Glass who was Jewish. My mother and father are deceased, and we did not discover the truth until after their deaths in in 2019. My parents are both are from New Jersey close to Philadelphia.
I have done some research and I have found my grandfather's burial site, the info is:Samuel Joseph Glass
Mt Lebanon Cemetery
DoD May 31, 1977 dob 15 Jan, 1904
He had a brother, long deceased who was also a Yellow cab driver in Philadelphia till he retired to Florida.
Luis and Tilly Glass of
5262 5th Avenue N St Petersburg FL
and a sister, Fannie Glass Kauffman also of St Petersburg Fl
There is extended family in Florida from the Kauffmans (may be Kaufman) but I do not know them as I was never told about relatives.
I know my grandfather was a cab driver in Philadelphia, and lived in Camden, Medford, and Chairville, NJ. I am fairly certain his ancestors were from Philadelphia and am very interested in the family tree.

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