Re: Thank you and apologies #hungary

Touvia Goldstein <touviagoldstein@...>

Hi Debbie,

Thank you.

My post and questions came with the intention to request >from those
list members with experience in the use of embarkation and and arrival
lists, to clarify and order the issue that, due to different posts
that have been and are yet beeing posted, not only are confusing but
some how, contradictory.

So, it maybe a good idea and even very useful a complete clarification
of this issue to the list.

As well, not having personally worked with the lists and not having
them in my hands, and learning >from the posts that have been submitted
to the list that it is difficult to get them, it is proper to request
from those of you who have them, to find a way, maybe, a shorter one,
to get them.I am interested.

I tried different ways to contact the Mormons in Jerusalem and have
yet not been succesful to get help >from them. I would apreciate if
someone who is in contact with them, to let me know the exact people
to contact.

Touvia Goldstein wrote:

Please don't think that your inquiry was in any way boring or
inappropriate. Most of the researchers on the SIG are experienced and
know all of the ins and outs of obtaining ship manifests, so I did not
want to go into detailed explanations on the SIG, since the
can be somewhat convoluted.

I'm going to check out your website.

Nice to have you on the SIG. I'm sure that with your experience you
be able to make some excellent contributions.

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