Looking for relatives and/or ancestor of Jacob/Yankel Friedlander #lithuania


Yankel Friedlander (or Friedland) was born ~ 1840(within 1830-1845)in Ashmyany, Belarus, the son of Vulf Tsvi Friedlander. He moved to Vilna, where he married Anna (?, first name may be incorrect) and had several children, only one of which I’m sure of. He had a daughter, Scheine (listed as Dreizel in her marriage record) Friedlander(b. ~1868, d. 7/8/1956). On US records her name was typically listed as Sadie or Sheyna. Scheine married Khaim/Herman Ass/Asch in Vilna in 1886. Khaim passed away young, and Scheine eventually remarried with Nathan Rosenkowitz. She immigrated to the US through Quebec in 1903 under the name Scheine Ass. 


Around 1870, Anna? died, and Yankel remarried in Vilna with Yenta Lasnowitz(?, may be incorrectly spelled). Yankel had 3 known children (maybe more) with Yenta: Harry Friedlander(b. 1876 - d. ), Mar? Friedlander (b. ~1878), and Anna Friedlander (b. 11/20/1880, Vilna, married name Kronman, d. 5/21/1957). He immigrated to the US in ~ 1885 with these three children. 


I found several records on JewishGen which I suspect may be of Yankel. They list him as hailing from Oshmiany but living in Vilna, and line up with the fact that Yankel remarried ~1871. The birthdate is also very close to Yankel’s. However, they all list his father as Yona/Yevno, and I haven’t found a record of a Yankel with a father Vulf or Tsvi.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Aidan Tisch

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