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In many cases the Yiddish and Hebrew names are basically translations of each other and therefore were really more interchangable, like Mike's example of Ber and Dov (both meaning bear).
In your pairs of names none are directly linked to the other, with the exception maybe of Yehudah and Leib which are paired quite often (the tribe of Judah was compared to a lion, hence Leib meaning lion on Yiddish, but a direct Hebrew translation would be the name Aryeh).
None of this actually matters much in terms of the ordering of the names or how they might be recorded in any number of combinations of names since there are no hard rules to this.  But I think it is more common to place the Yiddish name after the Hebrew one if it is a direct translation or linked to the Hebrew name (for example I don't think I've ever seen a Leib Yehuda). Since Shiena (meaning beautiful one) has no connection to the name Rochel I don't think the order is at all unusual.
Reb and HaLevi are designations.
Binyamin Kerman
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