Re: Research Advice- Yad VaShem and Salt Lake city #records

Banai Lynn Feldstein

When you find a digital image of a record that you want to save at, do not right click and choose save as.

Use the Download button.

Your image will be of significantly better quality and size.

Only use right click and Save As if the file does not allow you to download. In which case, I recommend going to full screen and zooming in more, then choosing the save as option a few times while moving the record around the screen so you get something a little better than just what fits on the screen. Then stitch them together in your image editing tool of choice.

Alternatively -- and better -- if you're going to Salt Lake City, go get the microfilm and scan it from the film directly, where you can get a larger sized image.

Banai Lynn Feldstein
Professional Genealogist
Salt Lake City, Utah

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