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Carol Skydell <skydell@...>

During the absence of our moderator, therefore his inability
to "clean up" your improperly posted responses, we've all been
treated to unnecessarily copied previous messages! Please take

You cannot hit the reply button in your response to a message,
since what it does is copy the entire thing! This is an absolute
waste of bandwidth. All you need do is either copy and paste
the subject line of the message to which you are responding,
type re: in front of it and you're not only done, you've saved
the rest of us the time and effort to scroll through needless
duplication. Since we all use different programs and systems,
learn how to copy and paste according to the directions of your
own program.

In answer to Touvia Goldstein's questions about embarkation
lists/passenger manifest someone advised him that the Mormon
Church has filmed all this. They have indeed, but this is
totally misleading advice since there is *no access to this
information at all in the State of Israel* So, the
well-intentioned advice about how to contact the Family History
Center in Salt Lake City is not going to help him a bit.

What Touvia needs is someone to say, "I'll do this for you at a
Family History Center I can reach if you will do thus and so
for me in Israel.

And to Touvia, there are thousands of microfilms on which the
passenger manifests appear, so to hope that someone has the one
you need is even greater than hoping to find a needle in an
entire hayfield. The basis of all that JewishGen is and does is
the concept of sharing. Surely there is some research that you
can do in Israel in exchange for research where people have
access to LDS films.

Carol Skydell
Chilmark MA

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