Re: three-month Atlantic crossing by wooden sailing ship in 1880s? #poland #general

Pieter Hoekstra


I wasn't going to respond but considering some answers decided I will. Sailing vessels were still in use into the early 1900's. It is likely it would have been a fast 3 masted vessel with a riveted iron plate hull. A steam ship crossing Europe/UK to New York took around 10-12 days, a sailing ship around 20 days give or take. An Atlantic storm might have delayed a voyage 7-10 days in the extreme, unless they went the Northwest Passage and got stuck in ice for 6 months (that's a joke).
In that period ships generally didn't stop at multiple ports unless they were packet ships trading the African coast, the Pacific basin, etc., stopping picking up spices etc. and delivering necessities to small outposts. In that case they would be cargo vessels. A crossing of the Atlantic would be simply point A to point B trying to maintain some sort of schedule.

As Pat Weinthal suggests, a 5 day storm mid-Atlantic could easily turn into a 3 month epic clinging to the mast for dear life.


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