Looking for relatives of deceased Holocaust survivor #general #belarus #usa

Carol Shkolnik

I am looking for relatives of a deceased Holocaust survivor Leonard (formerly Eliezer) Koslowski. He arrived in New York on 12/22/49 from Naples, Italy where he was likely in a displaced persons camp. Leonard Koslowski, later Leonard Kass, lived in Milwaukee, WI for a short time and then went to Columbus, OH where he taught at the Columbus Hebrew School. While his passenger manifest listed him as a widower, he was not known then to have any relatives. Leonard died in 1981 and was buried in Israel. Leonard wrote a chapter in the yizkor book "Sefer zikaron li-ḳehilat Oshminah", (Oshmana memorial book), a copy of which was given to one of his students after Kass' death. The book has since been donated to the archives of the Columbus Jewish Historical Society which wishes to include Leonard's biographical information in its catalog. We are already searching for his heirs Chava Green and Tsitora Borozski and their descendants.   

Carol Gurevitz Shkolnik

HENKIN (Surazh/Klincy/Chernigov); BIMTS (Bryansk/Russia); DELI & Chusid (Sorocki, Moldova); GUREVICH (Krasnoluki, Holopichiny, Borisov)


Carol Gurevitz Shkolnik

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