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For what it is worth, here is my pennyworth.  In England, Wales and Scotland the religious Marriage ceremony was normally in the home or an hotel because in those days the synagogue was not a recognised as a p lace for weddings and  also congregations did not have a legally recognised Marriage Secretary with an official book from which at specific times and frequencies copies were made and sent to the local Registrars' Office (the official place for all Births Marriages and Deaths).  Note that the birth Certificate will give the hospital as may the death Certificate and will not give a funeral site, nor that of the distribution of ashes which may be in river or on a hill-top though most Jews will still be in a Cemetery related to their set of Synagogues which maybe with groups of plots for Liberal;, Reform and Sephardi and also have a rose-bed for ashes.  In recent times using Zoom, I have attended ceremonies with an officiant in the funeral hall, another for the interment and yet another in a different country whilst one also had as part of the Eulogy a computer display of various items of art made by the deceased.  Pandemic meeting restrictions are being taken as opportunities.

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Here's my two cents for what it's worth.
The issue of marriage ceremonies in homes did not depend on the economics /finances of the families. Many families did not "belong" / were "members" of synagogues as they might be now.  Membership as we know it today includes tickets / seats for the High Holy Days, etc. Years ago the shuls sold seats for the holidays. Membership was not a requirement.
 Let's get back to home weddings. Not only were the ceremonies conducted in homes, but the receptions / parties were also at home. Not like today where thousands of dollars are spent on parties for both weddings and bar & bat mitzvahs. Years ago people had "open house" to celebrate such events.
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