Re: Idea for sharing family history #photographs

Shlomo Katz

It definitely helps bring the family together, which is especially important with all the challenges that seem to accompany the passing of a parent, even for a family that has always been close.

My strategy for going through the pictures is first, that I have not created an artificial deadline. I took them all to my home office, where I spend a few minutes one day, an hour another day, and no time at all for a week. Eventually it will get done.

I have a small set of plastic drawers that I sort the pictures into--one drawer per ancestral family (maternal grandmother, maternal grandfather, etc.), and another drawer to come back to some time in the future. I have not been labeling them as I go, contrary to my own advice, but I plan to come back and do that.

I have no idea what I will do with the pictures once I'm done--scan them, and then what? Do I really need eight identical pictures of "Great-Grandfather Louis," but will I have the heart to throw them awat? One possibility is to send some of the pictures to other relatives--for example, all of the pictures of "Uncle Howie" and his kids will eventually go to his widow or children, but be sure to scan any good ones first. (Who knew what really cute toddler Uncle Howie was!)

Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring, MD

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