Re: three-month Atlantic crossing by wooden sailing ship in 1880s? #poland #general

Jonathan Wexler

Wooden and iron sailing vessels were common in 1880 and continued to be so through the next decade. Hybrid vessels were present in about equal numbers in Western Europe and the US. Less so, in less developed regions.

If you get on a sailing vessel today, and make a direct port to port sail, 3-4 weeks is common.  With exceptional luck you can make it in 2 weeks on a fast sailing boat, with perfect weather, wind and current.

What you sailed on depended on where you were and where you were going and how much money you had.
How long your trip took was determined by distance, vessel, season, weather, routes and currents, war, and disease and money.

If you are on the Hamburg line running direct from London to New York on the latest Hybrid vessel, sailing with good wind and under power when necessary 4 weeks to a month is reasonable, if nothing goes wrong.

If you are running from Beirut to Baltimore, have stops in Rhodes, Smyrna, Pireus, Bari, Barcelona, and the Azores. 3 months is completely reasonable.

Re-coaling at set coaling stations was necessary. Period. You had to take on and discharge at various ports. if a sailing vessel, I cant imagine such a journey taking less than 3 months.

Jonathan Wexler

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