Research about a specifik sephardic family in Novi Sad and Belgrade, Serbia #hungary

johan haesert


I am looking for professional help in research after the sephardic family Almoslino, identified in 1848 Hungarian census as registrated in Novi Sad. Pavel Sosberger has in one of his books about Jews in Novi Sad written that this family is of sephardic origin and that they came from Belgrad.

Anyhow I now wonder were to turn to for assistance, preferable professional, to know more about the history of this family. My grandmother´s father, Ignatz Almoslino, b 1828/29 in Novi Sad, emigrated later to Stockholm, Sweden.

Hopefully I can get some proposals how to go further.

I have tried to get some help from the Jewish Museum in Belgrade but they could not give me any proposals how to go on.

Best wishes

Johan Haesert



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Hello I am looking for an eventual jewish background. My grandmothers father (Ignatz Almuslin b 1829) emmigrated from the town Neusatz, Hungary, now Novi Sad, Serbia He emiigrated to Seden in the middle of the 1900 century. There have been a dispute wether he is my grandmothers father or not. To know more about this I have taken a dnatest (MyHeritage) which shows the following: 59% scandianvian, 20% east easteurope, 8% ashkenazi-jude, 7% balt, 6% others like 4% iberian. Ignatz was of jewish and probably of sephardic origin. 
My grandmothers mother have only swedish relatives far back. My grandfather, that is my fathers father, comes from the north of Germany. His ancestors is located in the area of Stralsund with no known connection to jewish relatives. My mothers relatives are all swedish far back in time.
I am now interested to know for an eventual jewish background. What does the result from the dnatest tell me in connection to that question? To know more perhaps an Ytest is more suitable?

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