GROSSMAN in Lodz 1920s - Aron and Chana with children Israel, Feivel, Chaim, Chemia, Lieb #poland

Joseph Lonstein

I'm trying to find a GROSSMAN family living at 9 Mickiewicza Street in Lodz in the 1920s.  Parents were Aron GROSSMAN (son of Moses and Liba, b. July 22 1881 in Strykow possibly buried in Lodz cemetery 1938) and Chana Blima BESSER (daughter of Chemia and Devorah, b. June 5 1885 in Belchatow; she was a sister of my ggm Liebe/Lena BESSER). 

Their children living with them listed on their 1920s Lodz registration card were Israel (b. June 8 1907 Lodz),  Feivel (b. March 4 1909 Lodz), Chaim (b. April 12 1913 Lodz), Chemia (b. July 12 1918 Lodz), and Alter Lieb (b. July 10 1920 Lodz). 

I've searched all the usual databases and can't find any clear hits.  Family lore is that all may have been murdered in the Shoah, because there was no contact after the late 1930s with my immediate family living in upstate New York.  If all were lost in Shoah, though, I haven't found them in the Yad Vashem or other online Shoah databases.  They're all on my tree but no "hints" have come up.

Thanks for any help,

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, MI, USA

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