Adolf Lehmann - Wien Directory #austria-czech

Daniella Alyagon


I am starting to use the Adolf Lehmann Wien city directories as a source and would love some help understanding these books.

1) if I am looking at a book for 1900 - does it mean that it is based on information known at the end of 1899 going forward into 1900 or is it based on 1900 and published later in the year?

2) any explanation for the various sections in the book would be great

3) There are two abbreviations I have noticed that come up with relation to my family - I have attached the explanation text for them. can someone please translate these explanations for me?

thank you, 

Daniella Alyagon

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Researching: ALYAGON (Israel), SHOCHETMAN (Kishinev / Letychev / Derazhnya), AGINSKY (Kishinev / Minsk), FAJNZYLBER (Siennica, Poland / Warsaw, Poland), JELEN (Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland), KIEJZMAN (Garwolin, Poland),  SLIWKA (Garwolin, Poland), MANDELBAUM (Janowiec, Poland / Zwolen, Poland / Kozienice, Poland), CUKIER (Janowiec, Poland), RECHTANT (Kozienice, Poland), FALENBOGEN (Lublin, Poland), ROTENSTREICH (Galicia), SELINGER (Galicia), BITTER (Galicia / Bukowina), HISLER (Galicia / Bukowina ), EIFERMAN (Galicia / Bukowina), FROSTIG (Zolkiew, Galicia / Lviv, Galicia), GRANZBAUER (Zolkiew, Galicia), HERMAN (Zolkiew, Galicia), MESSER (Lviv, Galicia / Vienna, Austria), PROJEKT (Lviv, Galicia), STIERER (Lviv, Galicia), ALTMAN (Lviv, Galicia), FRIEDELS (Lviv, Galicia)

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