Town Name - need help #bessarabia #ukraine


My grandfather came from Sekuran, Bessarabia. He once mentioned a town that I heard phonetically as Lomatchanez. I see on another relative's naturalization certificate a town name that looks like Lamarahaness. Can anyone suggest a likely town name?

Jeff Fine
Montclair, NJ, USA
Family names/towns
Shecter, Eisenberg (Sekuran, Bessarabia; Odessa)
Ekelchick, Sussman (Igumen, Minsk, Belarus)
Fine, Z(w)erlin (Pruzhany, Belarus)
Hassenfeld, Laufer, Reich, Ölbaum (Ulanow, Poland)
Treistman (Warsaw)
Feit (Tarnobrzeg)

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