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Jan McDonald

Hi –


I have posted 5 of the 24 pages of a great-grandmother (and her 5 children)’s travel document (# 97236, # 97284, # 97285, # 97286 and # 97287).


We believe the full document reflects the family's travel from Streshin or Rogachevska, Mogilev to their ship docked in Libau.


I am hopeful of getting translations from the Russian on the travel document, both the pre-printed parts of the pages, as well as what was written into the document by hand. 


In addition to the translations, we have some general questions about travel in Belarus in 1907 and also some specific questions on each of the 5 pages that are posted.


Specific Questions:

  1. Document # 97236: Page 15 of 24
    1. Are we correct that the stamp would been stamped at a border, or was there a different practice at the time?
    2. If yes, is it possible to tell where?
    3. Any idea why there would be what seems to be the same stamp on both pages 15 and 19?


  1. Document # 97284: Page 19 of 24
    1. Same as the above


  1. Document # 97285: Page 3 of 24
    1. Any idea what purpose the stamp in the center would have served and what it might say?


  1. Document # 97286: Page 2 of 24
    1. Any idea why some things seem to be underlined?


  1. Document # 97287: Page 2 of 24
    1. This first page seems to be one of the only pages where nothing has been entered into the "form questions" on blank lines.  Any idea why this page would be "blank" except for the pre-printed information while so many of the other pages are completed?


General Questions:

  1. Any idea how long it might have taken for a 30-year-old woman and her 5 children (son age 10 and 5 daughters ages 11, 7, 5 and 3) to travel from Streshin to Libau?
  2. We assume it would have primarily been by train, yes?
  3. Why the port of Libau might be selected, especially since the ship travel time seemed much longer than from other ports.
  4. Any other general information about travel at the time that might give us a sense of their trip.


This is my first submission to the group and look forward to any insights that you can provide. 


Thanks so very much.


Jan McDonald

New Rochelle, NY




Currently Researching:

Kazatchin/Kahn: Streshin, Rogachev, Mogilev, Belarus - US- greater Boston area

Kaufman/Koufman/Koffman: Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine possibly Odessa- US - greater Boston area

Cutler/Kotlar/Kessler/Cessler: Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine possibly Odessa - - US- greater Boston area



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