Trade and Persecution: Three merchants between Lisbon and London #events #sephardic #unitedkingdom


The trajectories of Gabriel Lopes Pinheiro, Diogo de Aguilar and Fernando
Dias Fernandes

In February 1723, thirteen New Christian/Jewish merchants and businesses
signed the paperwork of a ship transporting gold to the merchant John
Goodall in England. At the time, most of the gold entering the English
market came from Brazil via Lisbon. These merchants were part of a group of
56 businessmen involved in Anglo-Portuguese commerce. Looking at the
thirteen names, we find the Pereira & Lima and the Joseph & Daniel Viana
partnerships, as well as a merchant named Miguel Viana. Behind these names
are Diogo Lopes Pereira, alias Diego de Aguilar (later, Baron d'Aguilar),
Gabriel Lopes Pinheiro, and Fernando Dias Fernandes, three Iberian merchants
that had arrived in London a few years before.

The Portuguese Inquisition had caused them to leave Portugal and rebuild
their lives and businesses in London (and, in the case of Diego d'Aguilar,
also in Vienna). They were part of an influx that impacted the Jewish
community of London in the early 18th Century. Their lives reveal the
motivations, dynamics, and consequences of this migration. Carla Vieira will
discuss their crisscrossed trajectories, which illustrate the impact of the
Inquisition on this group of Lisbon merchants and the pattern of the
Sephardic 18th Century migration to London.

Carla Vieira is a senior researcher at the CHAM – Center for the Humanities,
FCSH, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She is also a researcher at the Cátedra
de Estudos Sefarditas Alberto Benveniste (School of Arts and Humanities,
Universidade de Lisboa) and editor of the journal Cadernos de Estudos
Sefarditas. Her research has focused on the history of conversos in Portugal
and the Western Sephardic diaspora in the Atlantic space. At the moment, she
is developing the post-doctoral project "Nation between Empires. Sephardic
Diaspora and the Anglo-Portuguese alliance (first half of the 18th
century)", sponsored by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia
(SFRH/BPD/109606/2015). She is also the principal investigator of the
project Western Sephardic Diaspora Roadmap.

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