Re: U.K. birth registrations #unitedkingdom


Looks like two different surnames, variants due to what it may have sounded to the civil servant. Was one of those "maiden names" maybe the name of a former husband?

My husbands gt grandmother (maiden name B) had many children, first 6 or so with her husband F (who disappeared? No records to be found since the end of 19th century. After that, maybe still married to husband F? she lives with N who she has another 6 or so of children with. N was definitely still officially married to his first wife. Every child she registered as F, formerly B. The children with N with father unknown.
One exception: she gave birth in hospital to twins. Informant for these births was hospital staff. Mother was N formerly B  and the father was N. Afterwards it was amended and the name F appeared again.
She definitely lived as mrs N, even her son Walter F was Walter N in his WWI service-records. But when mrs N died, the death was registered as that of mrs F. Her children with N  went through life with surname N. Their descendants had problems finding birthcertificats.

btw, they were not jewish, but english/irish Roman Catholics in Salford and Manchester area, England. So no complications with  varying first names.

Loes Buisman,

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