Scanned Pages from the Polish State Archives of Poznan (German to English) #poland #translation #germany

Beth Erez

I understand that this is a long set of material in handwritten German: Scanned Pages from Polish State Archives           
I would be very happy if someone could read enough of it to tell me what the topic is and whether there exists any personal information about Moses Mendelsohn who is possibly my great great grandfather, born around 1832 and immigrated to the United States around 1864. I am looking for someone to tell me what this material is about and if there are any other names that can be easily found in it (or  birthdates, for example) that might confirm for me that this is indeed my great great grandfather. If yes, then I would like an opinion as to whether or not it is worth a full translation.

I found this material indexed on the newly available  Polish State Archives  ( .  The archive index I discovered there said: Mendelsohn Moses, Schneidermeister aus Posen year(s): 1852-1863. The Archives were very efficient and for a reasonable price sent me these scanned pages. Now that I have it, I have no idea if it really is the Moses Mendelsohn I have been searching for or not.

Many thanks - Moses Mendelsohn has been my brick wall and it would be wonderful if I have finally found some clues.


Beth Krevitt Erez
Hod Hasharon, Israel

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