Re: "The Hare with the Amber Eyes" -- great JewishGen presentation! #JewishGenUpdates #education

Ronnie Hess

Dear JewishGen,
I, too, raise my voice in thanks for the remarkable JewishGen presentation featuring Edmund de Waal in conversation with Randy Schoenberg. It was an extremely moving presentation by Mr. De Waal, full of lessons that I find myself repeating to others, since the lecture — no family history is unimportant, all lives are worthy of being remembered in whatever ways we can, there are always things (photographs or letters ignored, squirreled away) to be discovered in the attic, confidences and emotions to be revealed. De Waal was an exceptional teacher in this.
Thank you, JewishGen, for pointing out not just how to honor the past but to live nobly in the present.
Ronnie HESS (she/hers)
Madison, WI

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