Miryam DISTENFELD #romania

sharon yampell

)I am at a loss as to where to look for other records for her… Miryam was my great grandmother Esther’s sister.  I know she married once in #vatra dornei and I would love to know when and to whom.  I also would love to know where she was during World War !! because I know at some point, she got divorced and was cheated out of her share of the little business that she and her ex-husband owned during their marriage.


She eventually made her way to Israel in April of 1951 and when her number was called to come to the United States, my great grandmother was no shape to take her in and help her get settled so she stayed and later died in Israel (in 1968) l.  I do know the name of her second husband and when they both died but finding her in her early life in #romania, would be huge!


Sharon F. Yampell

Marlton, NJ


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