Re: Travel from Russia to England #general


My grandfather ( a widower) travelled from Zhitomir to Scotland, arriving December 1923. Travelling was my grandfather, 4 daughters and one son (my father).  First they travelled by train (i assume) from Zhitomir to Riga in Latvia, where they obtained 3 visas to allow them to travel through Germany and then Holland, and to enter the UK. From Riga they travelled by train  to Amsterdam, and then by ferry from Hook of Holland to Harwich.  I am lucky in that I have a copy of their travel documents as well as my father's Aliens Card issued in Glasgow, Scotland on December 24, 1923 noting the arrival date of December 11, 1923.
Travel from the old country to the new country had 2 elements, the sea portion and the land portion. There are many records and much documentation relating to the sea portion. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the land portion

Leslie Kelman (originally Kelmansky)
Toronto, Canada

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