Re: Seeking information about Jewish agricultural colony near Kiev #ukraine

Wendy Kalman

Sounds like my situation is similar. My great grandparents and siblings emigrated to the US from a tiny Jewish agricultural colony that was considered in the Kherson district then but now isn't. It was located NW of Odessa. (See Berdynovo on this map: Anyway, it is said that the founders (1859) came from Podolia and Volyn but I have absolutely nothing to show that is where my famiy (BURDA) was from. It's very frustrating. 

I put together a word doc with everything I could find our about Berdynovo as well as the other  Jewish agricultural colonies in the area. This doesn't help us find out specifically where famiy moved from, but you are both welcome to see if anything can otherwise be useful to you. This is a View only link to the file in my OneDrive:!AsqD_if0QqCNjhotmJ590awNYISp?e=hiRqqp 

Wendy Kalman

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